Worship and Student Leaders

Welcome To Our Church School

Our Vision and Values 

“Let your light shine!” (Matthew 5:16)

As children of God, our pupils will share their achievements in fellowship with the whole school community, in a loving and respectful environment. Together, all children and adults will show thankfulness for our world, and use our faith to challenge ourselves to fulfil our God-given potential. Our motto, ‘Let Your Light Shine’, shows how our talents and potential can be illuminated through the example of Jesus’ love, and how Jesus’ attitude can shine through our actions and words.

Our core values: Love, respect, faith, fellowship and thankfulness.

Our mission is to:

· Offer a happy, enjoyable learning experience to our children, by ensuring that their interests are at the heart of everything we do.

· Provide pupils with an innovative, broad and balanced curriculum which prepares children to play their own important part in life in our diverse society.

· Create a loving, respectful atmosphere for learning, whilst providing high quality, enthusiastic teaching, to inspire children and enable them to flourish, reaching their God-given potential and letting their light shine.

· Nurture all members of our school community, and value them as individuals.

· Work as a Christian fellowship with families, the church and the wider community to encourage collaboration and conversation with others as well as respect for each other, and to celebrate the rural nature of our school.

· Support the mental health, spiritual development and well-being of all children and adults, through reflection, self-discovery and creativity.

· Empower members of the school community to develop endurance and resilience so that they are courageous, and are able to embrace the challenges of life through faith in God, themselves and others.

· Through daily worship and Jesus’ key message of ‘love others as yourself’, enable pupils and adults to demonstrate their love for each other, themselves and the world around them and to show their thankfulness to God.

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Every day, we end the day with an act of worship in school. This is a lovely way to start the day, as the whole school comes together, which the staff and children enjoy very much. As a church school, our acts of worship are of a Christian nature. Acts of worship are conducted in a reflective atmosphere and are led by the Headteacher, other staff members, representatives from local churches or the children. Services for Easter, Christmas and Harvest are held at Holy Immanuel Church, Fauls, are led by Rev. Sue Armstrong and are attended by all children; parents and other family members are also most welcome to attend. Clubs, such as Bible Craft, support the our Collective Worship by following similar themes.

On a regular basis, worship takes place in classes, led by the class teacher or pupils. Children take part in activities linked to the our value ‘theme’ of the term. Occasionally, this worship takes place in our new Spiritual Garden, where children can take in their surroundings and reflect in a peaceful space. Children very much enjoy leading worship both in class and for the whole school, and are regularly encouraged to do so. Bible Craft club helps pupils to prepare to do so.

On Fridays, we have a celebration assembly. This is a chance for us to celebrate achievements of individual children, staff, classes or the whole school. Three or four children from each class are presented with a Headteacher’s Award in these assemblies for achievements in school. These achievements may be academic, e.g. good data handling work in maths, good spelling, etc. or pastoral, e.g. being a good friend at playtime.