Reception – Robin Class

Welcome to Robin Class!

Robin class has a wonderful learning room and is the learning home for Reception children. 

Our teacher is Mrs. Hipkins and we are very lucky to have three super teaching assistants, Mrs Gallimore-JohnsonMiss Pugh and Mrs Haynes.

Our learning activities are carefully planned through themes and contexts that are relevant to our children’s interests, making learning meaningful and engaging.

We have wonderful outside areas, including a Forest School, a vegetable garden and our three chickens: Geraldine, Gloria and Mabel! These activities enhance the curriculum and contribute to our physical development and their knowledge of the world around us.

In addition, we also benefit from yoga sessions, french sessions and specialist Sports Coaches, providing weekly Physical Development sessions to our children.

Each child is provided with their own  ‘Home-link Book‘ which is used as a communication link between parents and Robin class. It is updated weekly to provide you with information on your child’s learning and ideas for continued learning at home to support your child’s next steps.