September 2020 information

Based on the latest government guidance, below you can find out what this means for the children and parents in our school community.

Autumn Term 2020 launch days


Pupils are expected to be back in school, full time.  The government has stipulated that attendance is mandatory.  Please do contact me directly ( if you have any specific circumstances which may prevent your child from returning to school as expected.

Updated Absence Guide 2020/21

Virus control

The government have outlined a system of controls that should be in place, and we have these in place at our school.  These include regular handwashing, encouraging good respiratory hygiene, enhanced cleaning, and minimising contact between groups of children. As part of our systems of control, pupils will have their own pens and pencils for their own use, but some classroom resources, such as books, will be shared within the class and cleaned frequently. Any equipment used by multiple groups (such as sports equipment) will be cleaned thoroughly between use. We have a limited number of toilets on our school site, but there will be a maximum of three children FROM THE SAME CLASS allowed in the toilets at any one time. Each class will have their own toilet and sink allocated to them, and there are additional wipe-down procedures in place for children to wipe the taps they have touched after use. Toilets, and all touch-points, will also be cleaned more regularly by staff.

Bubble system

We will still have a ‘bubble system’ in operation. A ‘bubble’ is a group of children which has limited contact with other groups. In our school, each class will form a bubble. Within the bubble, children should try to maintain a distance of 1m from each other, and particularly from staff, but this is not always possible, especially with younger children. Children will be seated side by side and facing forward, rather than gathered around desks in groups, so our classrooms will be re-organised to facilitate this.  Children will stay in bubbles throughout the school day, and large gatherings will not be permitted, so whole school assemblies and events will not take place.  Teachers and teaching assistants will try to remain with one bubble, but are permitted to teach in other groups if needed. We will operate staggered breaks and lunchtimes to prevent contact between bubbles.

Breakfast club and after-school club (Activity Zone)

These clubs will resume at the start of the Autumn Term. Children from different bubbles will have to attend these sessions to allow the clubs to open, and this is acceptable under the government guidance. However, for virus control, we would like to keep these groups as small and consistent as possible, so would appreciate parents only using these facilities when they absolutely need to. Within the group, children from different ‘bubbles’ (classes) will be based in different sections of the hall to try to keep at least 1m distance between them as far as possible.

We would also request that parents are cautious if they use multiple providers for after-school care, as this can increase the risk of infection spreading between settings.

Our additional rota of after-school clubs will also resume in September too, and information about what is available will be sent home at the start of the new term. The clubs will be organise to ensure that different ‘bubbles’ remain separate.

Staggered timings for the start and end of the school day

In order to limit contact between bubbles, and to prevent groups of parents gathering at the school gate, we will operate staggered drop-off and pick-up times. We also request that ALL parents use the car-park system for drop-off and pick-up, to avoid unnecessary contact with each other and with staff at the gate. Parents will not be able to come onto the school site and will only be able to enter the building if an appointment has been made. Please arrive at the following times and REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE until approached by a member of staff.

These staggered times are as follows:

Hummingbirds (Nursery): Arrive between 8:35am and 8:40am and collect between 2:45am and 3pm – using the nursery gate. Parking spaces are available near the gate.

Robin Class (Reception and Year 1): Arrive between 8:45am and 8:55am and collect between 3:05am and 3:15pm

Skylark Class (Year 2): Arrive between 8:45am and 8:55am and collect between 3:05am and 3:15pm

Kingfisher Class (Years 3 and 4): Arrive between 8:55am and 9:05am and collect between 3:15pm and 3:25pm

Owl Class (Years 5 and 6): Arrive between 9:05am and 9:15am and collect between 3:25pm and 3:35pm

Please adhere to these times to enable us to keep each bubble separate as much as possible, and to avoid long queues in the car park.

If you have children in more than one year group, please try to drop off and pick up during the slot that applies to your OLDEST child.

Amended arrangements for children starting in Reception

This can be an overwhelming time for children (and their parents!). For this reason, during the first week of term, parents of Reception children can take their children into their classroom, which is based in the demountable building.

If you would like to do this, please park in the lay-by opposite school, as there will be no parking available within the one-way drop-off system. Please then make your way to the member of staff on the drop-off gate, and here you will be asked to form a socially-distanced queue, with your child, so that parents can drop their children off one at a time. To reduce the number of adults in the queue and entering the classroom, we politely ask that only one parent from each family brings their child into the classroom, and that only parents of Reception children use this system. All other parents MUST use the drop-off system.  

Children starting in Reception have not had the opportunity to experience the usual transition days, and have not spent as much time in nursery as they usually would prior to starting school. Therefore, reception children are welcome to attend school for mornings only for the first week and a half of term, and they can be collected at 12:15pm each day. So, from Monday 14th September we would expect reception children to start attending for full days.

Nursery parents will continue to drop-off their children as normal by parking up near the NURSERY GATE (there are now marked spaces nearby) and walking their children to the gate. Please ensure that you park in a considerate way, and do not block the one-way system. Adhering to the earlier drop-off time will assist with this.

Uniform and equipment

Children should continue to limit what they bring into school. Children can bring their book bag (but school book bags only – no backpacks or other bags will be allowed as we do not have space to store them), containing their reading book and reading log, and a pencil case (in Owl Class only – younger pupils will be provided with equipment and do not need pencil cases). Reading books will be changed and will be quarantined for 72 hours on return, before being issued to another child.

Children must wear their normal school uniform, which includes black shoes (not trainers), grey skirt/trousers/dress, a white polo shirt and a school-branded sweater/cardigan. School sweaters and cardigans can be ordered from the school office, and they will be delivered to the office for you to collect when they arrive. We will understand if children do not have their sweaters/cardigans at the very start of the term, and will be flexible if children wear an alternative whilst waiting for the delivery. If any families have difficulty purchasing the required uniform, please contact us and we will do our best to support.

Please ensure that all cardigans/sweaters are clearly marked with your child’s name. In the current situation, we want to ensure that the children are only wearing their own items of clothing.

Water bottles

Children must bring their own NAMED water bottles to school each day. We have facilities for children to fill their water bottles up, but children CANNOT drink from water fountains or from cups provided by school. If you do not have access to a water bottle for your child, please contact the school office.

PE kit

Children will need to COME INTO SCHOOL WEARING PE KIT on their PE days (you will be informed of these days at the start of the new term). This is to remove the need for pupils to change their clothes on site, as part of our virus-control measures. They will also need to bring a pair of trainers every day (for the Daily 15). PE kit includes black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings, and a plain white t-shirt. Children should wear their school jumper/cardigan on these days with their PE kit, and as the weather gets colder, they may wish to bring another warm top (such as hoodie) which they can wear during the PE lesson.

Children will sometimes need forest school kit (again, you will be notified if/when this is needed).


Children who bring in a packed lunch should bring this in disposable packaging wherever possible. School meals will also be available to order. There is a slightly limited hot-meal menu, which was sent home at the end of term and can be requested from the school office if you did not receive a copy. Each day, there will also be a sandwich pack option.

Lunch Menu

The school curriculum

We will be resuming a full curriculum as far as possible, but the government guidance is that full subject coverage should resume by Summer 2021 – therefore, in order to address any gaps in children’s learning, we may not cover some subjects as often as we usually would when children first return to school. All children will complete a range of assessments and activities, as soon as they are settled back into school, so that we can identify the gaps in their knowledge and work to address these.

We have published a Recovery Curriculum’ which outlines the additional work we will be doing in various subjects, and the additional well-being activities that will be built into each school day, to help children to positively return to the school environment.

Remote education information

Remote education information

Parents’ responsibilities

It goes without saying that children must not come in to school if they have any symptoms of Covid 19, including a cough, a high temperature or a loss of taste/smell. The isolation period advised by the government MUST be followed.  If children start to display symptoms in school, they will need to be collected immediately, and we will advise of the next steps to take.

A home school agreement has been produced outlining the steps we will take to keep everyone as safe as possible, and the role that parents and pupils have in this process.

A statement from the UK Chief Medical Officers is available to view – here

A letter from Public Health England PHE letter to parents and carers

Additional information

From Shropshire Council – the new app –

Department for Education – video about student symptoms/isolating etc –

Department of Health/Social Care – quick clip about hand washing –

22nd May 2020 – Please see our first letter detailing the school return – letter to parents/carers

11th June 2020 – Class structure for September 2020 – letter to parents/carers

3rd July 2020 – Please see attached letter detailing our plans for returning in September – letter to parents

Updated SEND information report

To prepare for school return, we have updated our SEND Information report SEND information report – 2020