Dinosaurs brought back to life! A memorable experience for pupils at Lower Heath CE Primary School

Thursday 1st July saw all pupils at Lower Heath CE Primary School receive a special visit from some prehistoric visitors.

The school was excited to welcome Teach Rex last week. The company deliver engaging workshops in schools with the aim of developing creative writing, ICT skills, PSHE, Drama and Science. This was an amazing cross-curricular experience for all children across the school, which was also great fun and really captured the children’s imaginations!

The pupils were hooked into the event from the beginning of the week, when on Tuesday morning, they discovered dinosaur eggs in each of the classrooms! As the week progressed, the eggs hatched, and on Thursday, two huge dinosaurs came to spend the day with the pupils; there were even some baby dinosaurs brought along for the younger children to meet! It was a great chance for the pupils to further their knowledge about the history of dinosaurs; with them even taking part in a green screen experience and lots of other fun activities throughout the day. The groups were inspired to complete some superb pieces of writing, supported by their Drama and vocabulary work, as well as some stunning artwork.

Miss Charlotte Williams, Assistant Headteacher at Lower Heath CE Primary School, commented; “It was fantastic to see each class across the school being able to take part in the interactive learning experience and I think the staff were just as excited as the children about the prospect of meeting dinosaurs! Joe and Sam from Teach Rex brought along Jam the T-Rex and a selection of baby dinosaurs for the immersive workshops. It was clear that the children really enjoyed the day and it will definitely be a memory they look back on during their primary experience.”

Take a look at the photos below and gallery!

Press coverage – links to  Shropshire Star  and Whitchurch Herald articles.

Skylark Class seeing the T-Rex emerge for the first time!

Pupil Franky Petherbridge-Smyth, keeping very still.

Pupil Isobel Richards, bravely touching the T-Rex.

Pupil Jacob Shaw, crawling to avoid detection.

Teacher Miss Spain, along with pupils Freddie Clarke-Smyth, Finley Beddoes and Georgia Kenna.


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