Nursery – Hummingbird Class

Welcome to Hummingbird Class!

We are supported by Mrs Langer.

In Nursery, we recognise that children learn best through play and fun, hands-on activities.  Our days are scheduled so that each learning session is followed by a chance for the children to apply their learning in different child-led ways.  Each morning consists of a phonics activity, a literacy session around a book or song of the week and a maths session as well. We learn indoors and outdoors throughout the year and are lucky enough to have a sheltered outside classroom to enable the children to experience outdoor learning in almost all weather.

Our afternoon sessions are varied and ensure that the children learn about the wider curriculum. Each week we practise mindfulness and yoga, bake, explore our school Forest School area, learn about famous artists, take part in fun science experiences and enjoy a variety of physical development activities.

In Nursery, we have daily Phase 1 phonics sessions based on the Letters and Sounds programme. These sessions are tailored to each child’s individual ability therefore ensuring that everyone learns at their own pace.

Each week, we focus our learning on a specific book or song. The children are given activities to help with their understanding. These range from sequencing the story, to engaging in role play, or mark-making.

We try to link these sessions to our focus book or song and this gives the children lots of opportunities to explore numbers, shapes, money, time and capacity.  We are lucky to have a large outdoor water table for the children to measure capacity. We also have sand indoors and outdoors. The children also use sand in timer form to distinguish 2 and 5 minute intervals when waiting their turn or for counting steps, hops or jumps.  Our baking sessions are designed so that the children learn to independently bake items such as cakes, biscuits, soup, smoothies and more.  The children are able to weigh ingredients and organise themselves to ensure everything is weighed, chopped or poured safely, in the correct quantities before they take turns stirring and spooning the mixture into oven-safe moulds.

Child Initiated
The children have regular opportunities to express themselves through child-initiated learning and exploration. The children have access to role-play, small world, vehicles, sand and water tables, outdoor maths and writing areas, fine motor skill activities (such as threading, sewing, play dough and large and small construction toys). The children are also given the opportunity to read for pleasure throughout the day and are able to take home books to share with their families.

Snack and Lunchtime
The children are asked to sit together around the tables to enjoy a healthy fruit snack and glass of milk each morning. They are also given the opportunity to stay for lunches; either a school hot dinner or a packed lunch from home. These experiences help the children to interact with each other.


The Wider Community
We are very lucky to have strong links with our local community. We take trips to Fauls Church for Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter services as well as learning about Christian values and different religions.

Interested in joining our Nursery?

If you would like to enquire about places, require anymore information, or would like to arrange a tour, please do make contact with school.

Children are welcome to attend on a part-time or full-time basis:

3.5 hour morning
4.25 hour morning (including lunch)
2 hour afternoon
2.75 hour afternoon (including lunch)
6.25 hour full day

15 hour and 30 hours per week available for 3-4 year olds. To find out if you qualify for 30 hours free childcare, please visit

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