Behaviour for Learning and Zones of Regulation

Behaviour for Learning and Class Dojo


As a school, we believe that all children and adults in our school community are important.  We have a legal responsibility to ensure that every child is safe and protected from harm.  We therefore aim to provide an environment where everyone feels valued, happy and secure.

We use Class Dojo to support with behaviour management, and we even have our very own Lower Heath Dojo characters (designed by Mr Davies). These are visible in all classrooms to help us monitor behaviour in a consistent, positive way.

To celebrate good learning choices and aiming high, we award Dojo points. All of the parents and carers in our school are connected to Class Dojo, meaning that they can see examples of their child/ren’s wonderful work and track their behaviour too.

Once a half-term, children get to visit the Dojo shop, with the following rewards available:

100 points – choosing a prize from the box

200 points – 30 minutes of reward time

300 points – a whole afternoon of reward activities

Once they have chosen a prize, the points will be taken off their account and they will begin saving again.

Zones of Regulation

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it


Zones of Regulation – Support Pack

Zones of Regulation – Chart

Zones of Regulation – Experiencing the Zones

Zones of Regulation Cards – With Words

Zones of Regulation Cards – Without Words