Spiritual Development at Lower Heath

^ Some of the wonderful volunteers and representatives who supported the project.

Please see  Spiritual Development at Lower Heath to see how our children are supported in their spiritual journey.

Our purpose built Spiritual Garden was carefully designed by our children to enable them to experience peace and calm (Ascetics), to ask questions (Contemplatives), to connect with nature (Naturalists) and talk and listen to God. The communities from Fauls Parochial Church Council and Prees Parish Council are joined with us here through their generous donations of our Wondering Willow Tree and Fellowship Bench.

The garden demonstrates belonging through the Hummingbird, Robin, Skylark, Kingfisher and Owl ornaments within, connecting our class names together in one place. Outdoor worship is carried out here on occasion to allow children to connect with nature. There are scented plants and herbs selected from those used in the Lichfield Cathedral Spiritual Garden, demonstrating our connection with this community. Symbols from all the religions studied in school are visible within the garden, reminding children to respect everyone’s faith. The Activist pathway was demonstrated when our children decided to raise funds by completing a Holi colour run. These funds were used to provide items for the Spiritual Garden.

Our Spiritual Garden is a special place and was opened with prayers and a blessing by Reverend Armstrong.