Staff Contacts

School Specific Staff Contacts

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo)
Ms. Reynolds

Deputy DSL
Mr. Holt-Williams   

Deputy DSL & Post/Children Looked After Designated Lead
Mrs. Hipkins          

Owl Class


Owl Class Teacher                                                        
Mr. Holt-Williams    

Owl Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss. Lewis

Kingfisher Class


Kingfisher Class Teacher
Miss. Sands


Kingfisher Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Haynes

Skylark Class


Skylark Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)                                                                                                                 
Mrs. Ward   

Skylark Class Teacher
Mrs. Leighton

Skylark Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Moseley

Skylark Teaching Assistant 1:1
Ms. Brown

Robin Class

Robin Class Teacher                           
Mrs. Hipkins                            

Hummingbird Class


Hummingbird Class Nursery Lead                          
Mrs. Langer

School Office

School Administrator                  
Mrs. Dakin                

School Administrative Assistant     
Mrs. Thomas


Support Staff

Pastoral Leader
Ms. Curry


Dinner Time Supervisor
Mrs. Haynes


Dinner Time Supervisor
Mr. Davies                


Breakfast & Activity Zone Leader, Dinner Time Supervisor & TA
Mrs. Jenkins

Marches Academy Trust Staff Contacts

Contact Name Contact Number  Contact Email
Enrichment / School Trips Clare Tudor 01691 664448
Marketing / Press Enquiries Hayley Alldridge Charlotte Smith 07968 410067 01691 664473
Finance 01691 664411
01691 664420
Teacher Training (Alliance of Leading Learning) Kate Aspinall 01691 664455