Empowering Change Makers: Lower Heath Introduces Innovative Buddy System

At Lower Heath CE Primary School and Nursery we like to encourage our children to take a lead in effecting change in our school and we also believe strongly in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Building on this, our pupils came up with an inspired idea during one of our routine School Council meetings, where counselors identified an opportunity to weave together these two important threads. The result? A brilliant and inclusive Buddy System designed to create meaningful connections among our pupils.

The Buddy System operates at various times throughout the day, providing students with opportunities to support one another in different settings. During break times, buddies engage in play, fostering camaraderie and strengthening social bonds. Lunchtime becomes an opportunity for conversation, as buddies share meals and build connections beyond the classroom. Additionally, the initiative includes buddy reading sessions, aimed at promoting a love for reading while encouraging cooperative learning.

Recently, our Robin and Kingfisher children were among the first to participate in the Buddy System, setting the stage for a brilliant learning experience. The children embraced the programme with enthusiasm, supporting each other in various activities, particularly enjoying their buddy reading sessions. The success of their first session has left them eager to explore the potential for more collaborative endeavors in the future.

We are so proud of our School Council for conceptualising this fantastic initiative. The Buddy System not only exemplifies our commitment to student leadership but also reinforces our dedication to cultivating a supportive and positive school community. As we witness the positive impact of these connections, we look forward to further exploring the potential for growth and collaboration within our school.

Children reading together in the "Buddy System"

Children reading together in the "Buddy System"

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