Parent Workshop: Kinetic Letters

All of the classes in our school have started a new handwriting programme, called Kinetic Letters. Staff have all completed training on this exciting new approach, which has helped many children across the country to make super progress in writing. The programme is about much more than making children write more neatly. It is about developing their writing fluency, stamina and speed. In doing so, this allows children to concentrate on the content of their writing, instead of the physical process.

We would really like to share this new programme with parents, and to offer suggestions as to how parents can help their children at home. We will be running parent workshops on Monday 21st October at 9:00am, and repeated again at 4:00pm.

Please join one of the workshops if you can!

Event Details

Start Date: 21st October 2019
End Date: 21st October 2019
Start Time: 9:00
End Time: 4:00