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Ms Reynolds | Lower Heath Primary School

It’s time to shine the spotlight on Ms Reynolds!

“A few weeks ago, Mrs Haynes had a flat tyre as she was leaving work after lunch. She called for assistance – which resulted in Mrs Haynes and I venturing down the road to try to change the tyre together. As we walked towards her car, we passed a van with two men in it having their lunch. I jokingly said; ‘You don’t fancy helping us out do you?’ Without question, one of the men came to help us… A week later, that same man, who was an electrician working on our new school building, was in our school and he shared that he recognised me as one of his primary school teachers – I’m rubbish at recognising faces! We had a chat and I was able to say what a great young man he had turned into, not only for qualifying as an electrician, but for being a kind and helpful citizen, happy to give up his lunch break to help someone in need. That incident made me reflect on why I love my job. Teachers help to prepare the next generation of adults – it’s a huge responsibility and none of us takes it lightly. There is much more to teaching than academic education, as the above example demonstrates. I have been teaching for 15 years now and never tire of children saying, ‘Ahhh, I get it now!’; of supporting children to make the right choices; and to care for each other. And I get that in bucketloads at Lower Heath. Our children are special – funny, kind, hard working, polite – and that’s because of the great partnership between home and school. I am proud to be the Headteacher of Lower Heath and to work with great colleagues and families.”

– Ms Reynolds

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