National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Recently in Nursery we have fully embraced ‘National Talk Like A Pirate Day’ and made our outside classroom area into a pirate treasure trove! During our child initiated sessions and daily outdoor learning lessons, we have created a specific area for all our learning strands. There is a movement and balance area featuring a plank to walk, the water table is full of boats to sail the seven seas and corks to help us with our Science around floating and sinking. We have been hunting for buried treasure stones and phonics resources in our desert island outdoor sand pit, we have a writing station for making treasure maps; x always marks the spot. We have maps of the world and maps of the United Kingdom to help us with our Geography, we have pirate dressing up and a fully stocked pirate ship stage area ready for sea shanties and pirate parties as part of our role-playing and lots of numeracy, size and shape based resources ready to ensure all the pirates are aboard our pirate ship complete with ships wheel. Arrr!

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