Open Afternoon

Thank you to all who attended our recent Open Afternoon. It was fantastic to be able to showcase our pupils work: we had forest school designs on display; Skylark Class made crowns, as they are learning about the monarchy; Owl Class made papyrus to compliment their current Ancient Egypt topic, and the younger children took part in a forest school session. Kingfisher Class have been learning about the great fire of London, and as such were busy making bread. They not only learnt how to make bread, but incorporated science by learning how yeast works, they also used their Design and Technology skills to explore different bread designs, and incorporated geography, as they looked at maps of the world and where different breads originate from. They then baked some bread and had a bake-off competition! Nursery baked some Lower Heath cupcakes and these were offered to our visitors, along with refreshments provided by Friends of Lower Heath.

Thank you to all who came!

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