Visit from Veolia Recycling guest speaker

The whole school was recently visited by Angela, a Recycling Officer for Veolia. She kindly came and spoke to us all about the different ways we can recycle at home, and she gave us a school composting bin as a thank-you for inviting her. She was so excited by her visit to the Nursery that she gifted us a wonderful book written by workers from Veolia about a recycling truck who gets a tummy ache after eating some items that should not have been in the recycling. We have loved reading this book and it has inspired our learning. We have sorted and labelled more items to be recycled, parked numbered and coloured recycling trucks into their correct parking spaces in our small world recycling depot, learned all about the journey of a crisp packet, glass jar and plastic bottle and where they go after being recycled; the crisp packet becomes energy to light our homes, the glass jar becomes a different glass object and the plastic bottle can be used for all sorts of things including picnic benches! We have thoroughly enjoyed our learning!

If you would like to find out more information about Veolia, please visit the following link:


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