British Science Week: Nursery

To celebrate British Science Week, in Nursery we created an investigation to see which dog biscuit would be best to feed our classroom dinosaur Ted, who’s teeth had not been brushed so he was finding it hard to chew crunchy foods.

We decided how much of each type of treat we would need and realised that the same amount of water needed to be added to each bowl to make it fair.  We predicted which one we thought would go soggiest first and then timed the experiment in 5 minute intervals using our classroom timer.

We touched the different foods and used our scientific words such as ‘squishy’, ‘soft’ and ‘strange’ to describe their texture, changing this to ‘the same’, ‘slimy’ and ‘messy’ after another 5 minutes.  After half an hour of rigorous testing we concluded that the red bone biscuits in bowl 3 were the squishiest and best for dinosaur Ted to eat safely.

The children had so much fun experimenting and becoming real scientists for the afternoon.


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